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Particulate Monitoring and Control Solutions

Particulate filtration systems, such as baghouses and cartridge dust collectors, are critical for industrial productivity and process control.

They are equally important for employee health, plant safety, and compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations.


FilterSense solutions help prevent excess emissions and process problems by providing reliable low-level particulate monitoring, early warning leak detection, better control, and real-time diagnostics of filtration systems. FilterSense uniquely focuses product technology on proactive and preventive solutions.


Improvements to operations and a fast return on investment are available through a range of benefits. FilterSense develops solutions not just to monitor particulate or control filtration processes but to effectively improve plant operations.

Real Solutions

42% of upsets are attributable to insufficient process insight.

“DynaCHARGE is like a microscope; we see things we never saw with our opacity monitor. And don’t have to clean it!” – Battery Plant

68% of workplace injuries occur during emergency maintenance.

“We have experienced 0 emergency outages on our baghouse since installing B-PAC” – Cement, Environmental Manager­

Emergency maintenance costs 3-4x more than the same preventative task.

“The leak was exactly where our B-PAC™ indicated it was; we were shut down for only minutes” — Chemical Plant

80% of plants report an overall reduction of staff.

“Our FilterSense System eliminated our tedious Visual Baghouse Inspections.” – Minerals Plant

US-EPA fines totaled 163 million in 2014

“We couldn’t keep emissions below 1 mg/m³ at our nearly 3M CFM process without FilterSense.” – Aluminum Plant


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Our Edge

Experienced end-users and leading OEMs trust FilterSense to prevent excess emissions, maintain compliance, and improve operations.

Our Edge in technology, quality, and support is Your Advantage and what makes FilterSense the #1 choice for reliable solutions.

Trust and Value

Engineers and plant personnel that have used alternative products know there is a difference. They trust FilterSense specifications, quality and performance. They value FilterSense technology, expertise for larger projects, and proactive support.

“We trust that when one of our four FilterSense particulate emission monitors is in alarm, it’s due to a leaking filter.” Cement, Environmental Manager

“The other broken bag detectors were always false alarming disrupting production. We have no issues with FilterSense leak detectors.” Pharmaceutical, Dryer Operator.

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