DynaCHARGE™ EM 30 Series

FilterSense PM Series are advanced Particulate Monitoring Systems designed to satisfy a multitude of process and regulatory requirements. All particulate monitors offered by FilterSense utilize the most reliable particulate sensing technology on the market – DynaCHARGE Technology™


  • Market Leader for Basic Applications
  • More Reliable than Traditional Triboelectric

The EM 30LGX is the industry benchmark for reliability and ease of use in a basic particulate monitor and leak/flow detector. Simply apply power and observe the readings without any setup or calibration. With an absolute output there is no need to normalize values, so readings are interpreted correctly.

For filter applications, the combined analog/digital display enables observing both baseline readings and high peaks caused by filter cleaning. This guides the user in setting proper alarm levels.

  • Typically maintenance free
  • No false alarms
  • No confusing sensitivity, gain, or blind auto-set functions
  • User friendly analog and digital display
  • Dual alarms/relays 4-20mA output
  • Lockable keypad


EM 30T

  • 2-Wire Loop Power
  • Low Cost and Simple Installation

The EM 30T is a basic 2-wire (4–20mA) loop powered particulate transmitter and leak/flow detector. The standard model is one piece for simple installation (two piece remote electronics optional). Adjustable linear or logarithmic output ranges in absolute units enables simple setup without confusing sensitivity and gain settings. Like all DynaCHARGE™ monitors, response time is fast over a wide dynamic range.