B-PAC Controls

B-PACs™ typically provide a 1–2 year return on investment.

B-PACs™ are turn-key control, monitoring, optimization, predictive maintenance, and regulatory compliance solutions for all types of baghouses and dust collectors.

FilterSense pioneered intelligent lter cleaning and diagnostics and leads the industry. B-PACs™ keep processes running smoothly with reduced energy and minimized emissions. They extend lter life, lower operating costs, and prevent unforeseen downtime.

For pulse-jet lters B-PACs™ integrate control of the cleaning system (solenoids and diaphragms) with measurement and analysis of diferential pressure, header pressure, and particulate to optimize filtration and provide actionable diagnostics. Airfow, fan amps, level, and other inputs can be added for further enhancements.

IntelliPULSE™ Intelligent Cleaning

  • Maintain differential pressure within +/-0.1” WC with
    minimum pulsing
  • Less pulsing lowers emissions and extends filter life
  • Maintain airflow to maximize production/ventilation
  • Reduce compressed air use by 15–40% over logic
    programming and up to 90% over continuous cleaning

In addition to IntelliPULSE™ control and diagnostics, B-PACs™ provide extensive general functionality including easily selectable pulsing patterns and a full range of basic timing modes (continuous, Hi/Lo, single cycle, cycle down, etc.).

Actionable Diagnostics


  • Locate filter leaks by row weeks before emissions are
  • Detect and locate open and shorted solenoids that can
    lead to plugged filters and cascading failures
  • Detect and locate ruptured or frozen pulse diaphragms;
    one rupture can cost $1,000 of compressed air per
    week and cause other filters to blind


Higher Function and Performance than PLCs

Application-specific electronics and sensors, combined with diagnostic and control firmware that has been refined over 10 years, provide functions and performance that cannot be achieved by PLCs.

A full range of certified fieldbuses are available to integrate with plant PLCs, DCS, HMI, and SCADA systems. They also provide multiple remote discrete control modes and integration of additional process sensors without the need for programming.

Configurable for All Sizes and Types of Filters

MICS™ platform modularity enables a range of configurations from small cartridge collectors to large multi-compartment baghouses. PRO and basic models offer features that suit application and budget needs.

EPA and OSHA Compliance

With integrated particulate monitors and differential pressure sensors, B-PACs™ are ideal solutions for EPA compliance. They also provide better control of industrial dust ventilation systems to meet OSHA regulations.