Engineered B-PAC™ Systems

For particulate control, process optimization, and maintenance management of large emission source, there is no better solution than an Engineered B-PAC™ System.

Engineered B-PACs are control and monitoring systems for large single and multi-compartment baghouses. The integrate B-PAC™ and DyanCHARGE™ technologies with sensing/control engineering for the entire baghouse process, control panel design/manufacture, and project management. Controls can include plant specified PLC front ends, HMIs, VFDs, and motor controls. FilterSense provides full electrical engineering, systems integration, startup, training, and ongoing support.

Features and Benefits Include:

  • IntelliPULSE™ for extended filter life and minimized cleaning emissions; also for accurate compartment and flange-to-flange differential pressure
  • Real-time detection and locating failed solenoids and pulse diaphragms
  • Locate leaks by row for maximum compliance assurance for large sources
  • Integrated stack, common outlet, and compartment particulate monitoring
  • Redundancy and control flexibility from B-PAC™ “Compartment Controllers”
  • Integrated compressed-air capacity management
  • Multiple on-line and off-line cleaning modes
  • Highly configurable cleaning parameters, row sequencing, and patterns
  • Integrated safety overrides, maintenance modes with local and PLC control
  • Full control room HMI/SCADA, reporting, and remote access (REF FilterWARE)